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What are the Biliteracy Curriculum Maps?


The Biliteracy Curriculum Maps are the only English Language Arts (ELA), Spanish Language Arts (SLA), & Social Studies (SS) TEKS integrated Scope & Sequence in Texas, specifically design for students to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. These maps were developed using the K-6 TEKS adopted in 2017, scheduled to be implemented in classrooms beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.

Bilingual: The ELA and SLA TEKS are sequenced based on transferable and language specific skills. Students learn the phonology, syntax, and morphology in one language, and then compare and contrast, and make connections using their linguistic repertoire, to learn the other language. Following this methodology, students acquire both English and Spanish language conventions, so they can master the Revising and Editing portions of the fourth grade STAAR test in both languages. 

Biliterate: The ELA and SLA TEKS are also sequenced so that reading concepts learned in one language, are not taught but rather bridged into the other language. Comprehension skills and strategies are spiraled giving students multiple opportunities to practice them in both languages across multiple genres. 


Bicultural: The integration of Social Studies TEKS, allows students to learn about the American culture. At the same time, the culture and heritage of the Hispanic community can be learned through the other genres, such as fiction, poetry, or drama. Through the use of Social Studies themed expository passages, and culturally relevant fictional pieces, students become culturally competent, and are able to navigate both cultures. 

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