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Copyright & Trademark Policies

At Bilingual Teacher Share, we want to honor the many hours educators have invested in creating educational materials to teach bilingual students. Therefore, we want to make sure we respect their intellectual property, and we require members to do the same. At Bilingual Teacher Share, we have adopted the following intellectual property infringement policy in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and other applicable laws.

Should we become aware of an infringement notice, we will comply with the law and remove the content from our site. At Bilingual Teacher Share, we don’t sell individual products created by educators, rather we allow educators to share their hard work. As a service provider hosting content produced by our educators, we strive to enforce copyright & trademark policies, however, due to the high content of resources shared, it is possible that unknowingly, our members might share copyrighted or trademarked resources. We are also posting a report abuse document in the Teacher Bilingual Share forum in order to avoid this situations.  

The following information includes details on how to report abuse. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at


Copyright & Trademark Report Abuse Process

Most of us at Bilingual Teacher Share are teachers. We work during the day with our students. We will respond to any report of abuse as soon as possible. Our Report Abuse agent will response to these reports. Please contact our agent via email: or by Postal Mail: 9900 Spectrum Drive, Austin, Texas, 78717.

When contacting the agent, please provide the following information: To comply with the requirements of the law, your notice needs to include all of the following information:

  1. Documents you wish to claim as abuse of intellectual property.

  2. Location of the document within Bilingual Teacher Share

  3. Personal Information to contact you back.

  4. Allegations of suspected intellectual property abuse.

  5. Statement indicating that you are either the intellectual property owner or you are acting on behalf of the owner.

  6. Signature of the person reporting the abuse.

Last updated 3/13/2018

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