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And there she was! La maestra bilingüe.

Life lately have been presenting itself in very unexpected ways. Today, I learned about Theresa.

Recently, she has just started a blog with the intention of, as she states in her own words, serving "as a site to inform, share, and chat about all things relating to bilingual education, the Latino culture as it pertains to students’ academic experiences, the funny things that occur in the classroom, parenting, cultural identity, as well as some personal anecdotes that brought me to how I lead my life and how I teach".

Theresa is a bilingual teacher and a mother of two children. As a teacher and a mother of a child with special needs, Theresa has learned a lot about Special Education. She is a rare case of a parent of a bilingual child that can advocate for a her own child, as a student who is both bilingual and special needs. Many times, parents of bilingual students with special needs, do not speak the language, and are unfamiliar with the educational setting. On top of that, it is no secret access to bilingual evaluation tools, bilingual special education teachers, bilingual speech pathologist, and so on, is scarce.

I have started the "Reach with a Penny Foundation" in hopes I would collect funds to help families and educators of children with special needs overcome the many barriers they face daily. I had been looking for someone that could share their struggles, and how to move forward. Someone that would share that no matter what life throws at you, you continue walking every day.

In her posts, Theresa does that. She shares her life experiences in such a positive way. She has a big heart and I am hoping she'll want to become part of this big dream of mine.

Hopefully my search is over.

Here is the link to her blog.


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