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The Penny Rich Story

I have always counted my blessings, but I never really understood how blessed I was. For the longest time I kept on finding pennies on the floor. Every time I would find one, I would feel like the richest person in the world. I started donating the pennies every time I had an opportunity. As a teacher, it was the best way to win the "who can collect most coins" contest to support the United Way campaign. My students would get so excited!

But I kept on finding pennies everywhere, and so did my children. They were so excited and so happy every time they would find one. And then one day, I finally understood the value of a penny. Nowadays, a penny is worth nothing, literally, but it represents the value of simple things, and the important things in my life: love and service. They say:"You can build a house with bricks and stones, but only love can build a home" .  I am blessed with a home and a loving family. I count my blessings. 

I once read that "One of the plainest expressions of love in Scripture is fellowship: Sharing with others"  and that "the most valuable things we can share is ourselves: our time, our talents, and our energies ". 

My first project: Bilingual Teacher Share, aims to help bilingual teachers in Texas that struggle to find resources to teach their students in Spanish. By sharing, contributing, and collaborating, bilingual teachers can dedicate more time to what really matters in their life, and provide their students with the best teaching they can. We have assembled a team of 10, and we are collaborating with our time, our talent, and our energy to help others. I am investing all that I have, literally, to help others, especially the ones that have helped me all of my life: family, friends, and colleagues. You are my blessings.

God has sent me all of the people that I need to accomplish this task. May my pennies change their lives. 


"The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single penny" 


Dr. Ruth Martin, CEO

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